Sunday, March 9, 2014

Fact and Theory.

Daylight savings is a conspiracy

That's right. I said it. 

What's worse is that this trickery is perpetrated by golfers! (and retailers; and the candy industry (!!) - I heard it on NPR, so I know it's true.) Did you realize that we spend more time abiding by "daylight savings time" than we spend in standard time?!

Nevertheless, at this end of the year, daylight savings actually means that we get to "spring" forward. Did you hear that? SPRING. After this (utterly miserable) Midwest winter filled with subzero temperatures and arctic wind, I am ready for anything that even hints at warmer weather (that is: ANY. OTHER. SEASON). 

Daylight savings time aside, one thing that always reminds me of warmer weather is Texas (duh). And... Speaking of Texas, Jason bought us second row tickets to see Robert Earl Keen last Thursday night. During my misspent youth undergraduate years in College Station, I had the pleasure of seeing REK in concert a few times. I am here to tell you that last Thursday night's concert was not like those times. For one, those Texas concerts were held in far less sophisticated venues than this one. (Hoyt Sherman Place is richly decorated little theater in Des Moines with plush red seats and a relatively sober tame crowd.) Second, there was no two-steppin in front of the stage. And there was nobody offering the band an armful of red solo cups filled to the brim with Lonestar.  But it was a really good time for Jason's intro to live Texas country music and a much, much appreciated (if only bite-sized) dose of home for me. Robert put on a good show and I left happy. 

Did you see what I saw?


Cute.  While it is unclear whether both of the miscreants were in on the photobomb, I consider them equally at fault. And to you, photobombers, what was your motive here? Did you wish to be forever embroidered into my life via this one anonymous shot? Well, you're in luck because.... 

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